A fun combination of a stand-up comedian, keynote speaker, and business coach, Darryl Davis, CSP, is a one-of-a-kind presenter with a passion for helping people laugh, encouraging them to learn, and giving them the tools, strategies, and mindsets they need to
design lives and careers worth smiling about.
Everyone recommends Darryl, see what others have to say!

I almost didn’t show up at the seminar. I’m glad I did cause Darryl’s seminar was not the normal seminar. He actually shared useful information. I am excited to start using that information to rebuild my business. Thanks Darryl!!

Kathy Janton

I am a fan! Darryl helped me to see the profession in a different way – and it was like he got totally in my head because he’s been there with the highs and lows. Some speakers talk about high-level concepts on how to win in this industry. Darryl gives you real information on how to implement a winning strategy today. Thank you, Darryl!

Julie Toy

Darryl presented content that we may have heard before, and he does it in such a way that you are really hearing it. His use of comedy and stories bring his points home. Light bulbs go on all over the room. His information makes it easy to understand and anyone can implement. It is in the doing, and his process is very doable. Thank you.

Christine Menear

What he says is true, and if you follow his steps and techniques you will be a successful agent. Last year I went to my first Darryl Davis seminar walking in and saying I have no listings. I went back this year, my team and I now have 5 listings at ALL TIMES. Our market is on fire which is hard to keep growing those numbers because they sell so fast. I walk into FSBOs with confidence, knowledge, and a better understanding of what a REALTOR really does. Darryl is a motivator, a mentor, and an all around great person. And FUNNY!

Andrew Sorrentino

I have heard a lot of good speakers over the years and would come out excited and motivated, trying to figure out how to implement all I have learned would become extremely overwhelming and impossible to implement what I needed to do. Darryl is not a good speaker he is a great speaker he breaks everything into awesome visuals you can see how his system can be implemented. I love his business plan, I am getting ready to have the best year ever with Darryl’s teaching I love his sense of hummer, he makes me smile!

Marie Conway

Darryl has an amazing talent for speaking/ storytelling! It’s pretty rare for me to sit through a 3-hour seminar/ class without getting up, but he has such a way with his speaking that he just has you hanging on for more and you don’t want to miss anything. Very energetic and great content would be a couple quick examples of the seminar, but Darryl Davis is someone I’d definitely go see again.

Scott Hollinger
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Darryl Davis, CSP — is the kind of speaker who lights up a room. With tremendous humor and results-producing how-to strategies, he helps audiences get to their Next Level™.   

For more than 25 years, Darryl has been entertaining and educating sales and leadership professionals to grow their businesses, increase their bottom line, and most importantly — design lives and careers worth smiling about. 

If you’re ready to have your next audience develop the skills and mindsets they need to produce at their highest level, find some life balance, and fall in love with their careers again — book Darryl today.